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Choose a box for yourself to indulge in or gift a subscription for a lucky recipient. Select month to month or prepay annually. You'll start receiving full sized luxe lifestyle goodies soon. If you ever need assistance, customer service is here via phone and email. For real. In fact, have you seen our live chat below? Go on try us!

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Easily and seamlessly login anytime to access your account, knowing that cancelling or pausing is as easy as pie. Start to count down the calendar days, and in the meantime spread the word to your friends about The Box to earn future free boxes.

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Relax, sit back, and await the mailman with sheer excitement. Unwrap your hand packed parcel curated with the utmost taste in mind. Style your home with abandon knowing where your lovingly designed items came from. Dust off space on your shelf for those new designer handcrafted accessories and one-of-a-kind objects made just for you. You're in!

  • Wow!! I still cannot believe that Letitia Elizabeth actually called me regarding my subscription and some answers I had about it...and was the kindest, most informative and sweet person wonder these boxes are so magical and lovely!! Thank you again. I love the COASTERS!!! I will be getting more of them so as to have six or eight...everyone who has seen them LOVES them!! This box and those who make it are stars, and I just cannot wait for the next one!! -Sherri Twyman

  • When I opened my box the first thing I noticed was my first name and last initial ... it immediately meant that I had a name not a number to you. Then I unwrapped my box....did you guys really go to all the trouble to have everyone's names engraved into the hand sculpted dish....Wow....just Wow!!! It was so personal and just great. I want to thank you because it was a very personal and well thought out box and I loved being challenged and even taken out of my comfort zone! Great job and I'm glad I took the plunge and joined for the year!!! Great, GREAT, job!!! Can't wait to see the next one!!!! - Angie L.

  • Just want to say, I think the box is beautiful. I sadly didn't get the box but the pictures of the items I've seen online is that this boxes curation was filled with so much love. Hold your head high and be proud of what you have accomplished. I'm definitely in all the way for the fall box and I absolutely can't wait to get it! Thank you! -Brenda C.


The Box - Monthly

Shipped: Monthly
Price: $100.00 Monthly

THE BOX is a monthly designer home goods and women’s lifestyle box curated by Letitia Elizabeth, for those seeking quality over quantity. The box will include handcrafted designer pieces that are meticulously designed and well curated, so that you can style your home and design a beautiful lifestyle...

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The Holiday Box

Shipped: Yearly
Price: $150.00 Yearly

It's November, and that means THE BOX is celebrating by traveling the globe to curate unique and beautifully designed home goods + gifts for our limited edition Holiday theme! This will be the perfect box for regifting to friends and family. Even better? We are introducing our new Personal Preferenc...

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The Box - Mini

Shipped: Monthly
Price: $49.00 Monthly

Introducing THE BOX MINI. Delivered monthly just like our signature box, this exclusive new subscription box option is an affordable foray into the world of beautiful home goods. Each month receive a deluxe sized item designed by a designer we love. Included will be an info card detailing the story ...

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